I love my wife. How shocking, right? But because I love her, and want to spend time with her I will occasionally find myself watching TV. By now you are thinking, “Wait, this guy loves his wife AND watches TV? I’ve stumbled on the most amazing blog of all time!” Anyway we are not really big time TV watchers, but we do DVR a few things.

On a side note, I used to be able to go in and turn on the TV, choose a show to watch, and then watch it. But, I am not smart enough to watch TV anymore. We have to have a remote control to operate our remote control. That’s enough hating on TV operating for now. Back to our program.

I don’t really feel like I have a male ego thing going on, and don’t generally say things like “man card” so I have no problem in telling you that one of the shows we watch is Downton Abbey. I probably would not have started watching but as you have heard, I love my wife, and she really likes D.A. so I am watching. If you know the gig, it is a wealthy family in Great Britain in the early 19th century. They have a very devoted staff that waits on them and helps oversee the running of the household. You can see that the butlers, cooks, and valets really care for the people for whom they work. They love them. Not all, but you can just tell that they do. But the servants know their place. They cannot over step the imaginary boundaries even though there are times when a hug would be so welcome and appropriate. Seeing this on the tube the other night I identified with the wait staff in some ways. I am blessed to be a step dad to 3 great kids that I love very much, and that love me very much. But, I am not their dad. I have my place as stepdad, and need to stay there. It’s still a good place to be, but at times it leaves you longing. However, I wouldn’t trade places with anyone in the world. The end.

MandolinWhat? And mandolins? Oh yea, that was the title wasn’t it. Well I was going to say that in loving mandolins you have no limits to your love. You can love with reckless abandon. They will let you in, and share their deepest secrets. They love you and love you and love you. They are always ready to sing, to teach you new things, and take you to new places. As a matter of fact, I hear one calling to me right now.